About P2D Registry

A required output of the Precision to Decision (P2D) Project is a register of datasets relevant to the agricultural industries. The P2D project was tasked to produce the major cross-sectoral agricultural datasets.

Catalogues of datasets exist, in particular at kn.csiro.au, data.gov.au, www.anzlic.gov.au and others.

This catalogue can be seen as a catalogue of major datasets relevant to the agricultural industries.

The project team categorised the datasets into five major types, 1)Weather and climate, 2) Soils, 3) Imagery, 4) Property boundaries and 5) Land use.

The register lists the major datasets by category, with links to the minor datasets.


In building the data register and the decision-tool register, we adopted a bottom-up and top-down approach. The steps we followed were:

  • Step 1 (bottom-up): hold a series of workshops and interviews (described above) to identify the core datasets and decision tools
  • Step 2 (bottom-up): use the findings from the workshops/interviews to expand the search by conducting a desktop review with Google - this search used keywords such as agricultural data/analytics/decision/tools/software/platforms to form a more complete list of agricultural datasets and tools
  • Step 3 (top-down): search data catalogue sites such as data.gov.au, portal.geoscience.gov.au, poama.bom.gov.au, portal.aodn.org.au, data.aurin.org.au and the individual state government data repositories for agricultural datasets
  • Step 4 (top-down): search the OzNome (https://research.csiro.au/oznome/) catalogue for agricultural datasets and decision tools not yet identified from the previous steps - the OzNome project is a new initiative to connect information across Australia by harvesting metadata from publicly available data sites

  • Step 5 (top-down): use a panel of domain experts to critique relevance of register entries.